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Internet Interfering With Our Individuality Essay

976 words - 4 pages

Alexis Martinez
Professor Brown
ENWR 100-25
December 14, 2012
Internet Interfering With Our Individuality
The internet is beneficial in many ways if it is used correctly but individuals. Some people believe that the internet has a positive impact on students by providing various sources of research. The internet can also bring some negative effects on students such as being dependent on the internet to complete homework assignments. Yes, the Web is a useful source to share ideas all over the world, yet it can threaten the notion of individuality in todays society.
However, intellectually, the internet can harm our sense of unique thinking. Individuals need to form there own idea’s, ...view middle of the document...

Turkle points out that elementary school students' use of computers and the Internet is teaching them new ways of thinking. Trukle then gives a short list of ways in which these technologies are changing the ways we think. The Author explains how “Powerpoint does more than a way of transmitting content. It carries its own way of thinking, its own aesthetic.” (Turkle). Using powerpoint is creative and helps a person be him or herself. Individually thinking of his or her own ideas rather then just replicating someone else’s work.
In another positive perspective, the internet is beneficial for our society; it can provide helpful information whether it is getting over a cold, recipes, weather, or research data that is valuable to students. If everyone in the world just relied on the internet to solve every challenge there will be no new solutions to our problems. As a society we all need to keep this in mind an try to become our own person with our own ideas and thoughts.
Nevertheless, an individuals dependency on another person ideas effects society in the long run. How are we suppose to move forward in the future if all we do is rely on other people’s thinking, there is no individuality it is just replication. This can prevent progress within society as whole. New methods and ideas would never be created because we all rely on other people’s thoughts shared on the Web.
Another prospective Turkle writes about in her essay explains how “Technology does not determine change, but it encourages us to take certain direction.” (Turkle).If a person has a decision to make and turns to reading blogs this cause him or her to make their own decision based on another persons thoughts. It is simply relying on someone else's believes and thoughts to make a decision. This act does threaten our notion of individuality in our society because it is not our own thoughts...

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