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Internet Advertising Essay

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Internet Advertising

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No matter where across the globe any given human lives or even how much effort one may put into avoiding the utilization of the internet, there is no doubt that it is virtually impossible to completely avoid “connecting” to this technology. One of the most rapid shifts that has occurred along side of the advancing internet technology and application, is the utilization of the internet by organizations around the world when seeking to grow profitability through effective advertising. In fact, it is well known that such growth of the internet has set free the flow of information and ...view middle of the document...

The element of awareness could be presented as one of the most vital marketing components due to the fact that if the consumer is not aware of a product or service, they cannot then formulate any interest or devote further attention to the end product or organization (Wijaya, 2012). Effective presentation to the consumer that builds awareness then also creates the possible need for further information for substantiating the product or service that develops the opportunity of deepening of need for the product.
Internet advertising is very effective in creating awareness due to its specificity and frequency in presentation to the consumer (Wijaya, 2012). Although traditional methods of advertising has been effective in bringing product concepts to the consumer, it is the ability of internet advertising to be anywhere and everywhere that the consumer is that drives such further awareness (Ratliff & Rubinfeld, 2011). As noted previously, the advancement in internet technology truly puts information at the fingertips of people across the globe both when we specifically seek it as well as when we may even not be interested. That is the beauty of internet advertising… flexibility and consistency maximizes the opportunity to create awareness.
Anyone that has frequented the online shopping site of knows that in most all cases the consumer experience here is very positive and seamless. This company has mastered creating awareness of the products that the consumer may most likely be interested in purchasing. Their ability to make the consumer aware of not only what some similar items may be based upon the initial search criteria, yet also present multiple price points for any given item has been crucial to their success (Linden & Smith & York, 2003).
Amazon has utilized item-to-item collaborative filtering methods with which “requires only sub-second processing time to generate online recommendations, while being able to react immediately to changes in user’s data and makes compelling recommendations that are very specific to the user” (Linden & Smith & York, 2003). Thus, not only is their site easy to navigate and filled with any and every product that a consumer may seek, it simultaneously presents options that otherwise the user would not be aware of without further work on their part. This combination of millions of products with data filtering capabilities has and will continue to make the company a successfully profitable online retailer through constant creative awareness efforts that surpass their competitors. (Amazon)
How can internet advertising be used to accomplish comprehension?
Comprehension is the element of marketing that takes awareness of a product to the level of the consumer actually understanding what the product can do as well as its most important features specific to the product (Donnelly & Peter, 2015). Through any form of advertising such as print, TV, radio, internet, etc....

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