International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital And Benefit Of Using Information Technology

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International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital and benefit of using Information Technology

Duong Chi Dat
IFY Student 2011

International Vietnam Russian Eye Hospital (VRH) is a private Russian based hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, using latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment with service of ophthalmologists coming from Fyodorov Hospital, Russia. The hospital was established in February, 2009 and since then has gained a strong position in the healthcare market in Northern Vietnam (VRH, 2011) Reputation and credit of the hospital and number of patients coming to it has dramatically increased since establishment, thanks to the quality of service ...view middle of the document...

2) and the number of patients coming to it for different purposes has raised from nearly 20 per day in February, 2009 to more than 150 per day in February, 2011 (A.Sarokin, personal communication, March 24, 2011)
This dramatic increase is due to several reasons, one of them is applying IT to promote and deliver hospital’s image to potential clients with help of online advertisement tools (A.Sarokin, personal communication, March 24, 2011). According to a survey conducted by the Customer Care Department, online promotion contributes 45.5% to the overall number of hospital’s patients (see Appendix 3)
IT applications which impact on the working efficiency within the hospital
VRH currently uses hospital management software named MedSoft, which has been proven to be efficient in storing profiles of patients in the hospital’s database, making it easy to manage all the diagnosis and treatment processes (T.Nguyen, personal communication, March 26, 2011)
D.Magaramov (personal communication, March 26, 2011) said that all machines used for diagnosis and treatment in the hospital are the latest models with latest software installed to guarantee the highest quality of diagnosis and treatment processes. The most remarkable is newly imported from Germany MEL 80 Excimer Laser surgery machine. Produced by Zeiss Corporation, MEL 80 meets all criteria to be the best laser operating system currently. Thanks to CRS Master and VisuMax programs installed inside, Mel 80 allows doctors to create truly individual treatment programs and to operate with great accuracy and less invasively.
IT applications used for ensuring patients’ satisfaction
T.T.Nguyen (personal communication, March 28, 2011) pointed out that electronic mail is among the most common tools being used to keep in touch with patients, which help the hospital to interact with them regardless the difference in time and locations while other applications such as instant message and telephone are used for fast communications in order to capture and respond the patients’ desires as well as to update for them about the promotion programs and new services of the hospital.
The website of VRH on World Wide Web is another efficient tool used for interacting with patients and ensuring their satisfaction. It was created as the hospital established in order to update useful and necessary information for anyone interested in using its service and simplify all procedures for patients. The site uses the latest Web 2.0 technology with friendly tools so that patients can register for diagnosis as well as make dates and consulate with doctors online (T.T.Nguyen, personal communication, March 28, 2011). According to the hospital’s policy, if customers register online before they come, they will save their time by not having to stay in queue and wait (T.Nguyen, personal communication, March 26, 2011)
Benefit of revenue
Revenue of the hospital has risen dramatically from...

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