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International Students In Canada Essay

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International Students
TARGET MARKET: Educational institutions including universities, private and community colleges and language schools:

The third target market of the WCC program will be the educational institutions including universities, private and community colleges and language schools. Since rapidly increasing number of students with similar skills and educational backgrounds are entering to the Canadian labour market, soft skills became the main differentiating component for the job seekers. “Because companies are becoming more process and system driven and because job competition has increased at all levels, there has never been a time when soft skills offer more value to ...view middle of the document...

Although some of the educational institutions provide programs, similar to WCC, to support their students and the highly bureaucratic nature of the market would pose a challenge, these institutions including universities, private and community colleges and language schools will be the third target market for the WCC program. In addition to the soft skills training needs of the Canadian born university students, the WCC program will also target international students at the Canadian educational institutions. In 2010, there were 218,239 international students in Canada and this number is growing which stands as a sizable market.

Figure 11: Number of International Students in Canada 2001-2010: Source:

A survey, conducted by Canadian Bureau for International Education in 2009, found that more than 50% of university students and 57% college students planned to apply for permanent resident status, and 71% indicated that they will search for a job in Canada. In fact, “a key part of Ontario’s “Postsecondary Education Internationalization Strategy" is to contribute to economic growth and address a skilled labour shortfall in certain fields by retaining qualified international students after they complete their post-secondary studies. Despite this government policy, international students are faced with barriers to post-graduation employment that a typical domestic graduate does not face”.

A study prepared by Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance indicated that “International students in Ontario should be equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the Canadian workforce during the course of their education. Good communication skills, adaptability, and cultural awareness are a few skills that international...

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