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International Law And Global Market Essay

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International Law and Global Market
Bus 311 Business Law

In this research paper, I will talk about International Laws and the Global Market. We will define International laws and its power. Questions like why are there international laws also will be answer. Who creates International laws and who enforces them? Are they really necessary? All this questions will be answer and explained.
We will also talk about the Global Market. The effects that international laws have on the Global market will also be discussed. What constitute the Global Market? Who controls it and how do we keep it from collapsing? America as a country plays a big part on the Global ...view middle of the document...

Let’s go back to the Roman times and even further when international laws were new or none existent. Back in those times there were wars and pirates. There was no control in what can come in or go out of a country. What if a country is providing must of the resources to another putting many out of work? We all remember the Tea Party and taxation without representation.
We need control and rules to go by. International laws are created to protect each country interest and infrastructure. Without the international laws we would be living in place of disarray and confusion. These laws give countries a moral guide.
* Who creates International Laws?
In reality there is no one powerful enough organization that creates all international laws. There are organizations created by countries that come together to better served the public and exercise international laws. NATO is one of them and a very popular one. The EU formed by European countries established laws to be followed in Europe.
Countries create many agreements between them and those agreements are laws to be followed. The United States entered into an agreement with North American countries called NAFTA. The GAAT is also an agreement that most countries in the Americas follow. All this laws are created by agreements between countries and no international laws could be created by one entity alone.

International Organizations

* The role of NATO.
NATO is a political and military alliance of 28 North American and European countries, bound by shared democratic values that have joined together to best pursue security and defense. Founded in 1949, NATO played a unique role in maintaining stability and security in the trans-Atlantic area during the Cold War. Since the end of the Cold War the Alliance has transformed itself to meet the security challenges of the new century, continuing with adoption of a new NATO Strategic Concept at the Lisbon NATO Summit in 2010. Today, NATO’s operations include leading the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan, ensuring a safe and secure environment in Kosovo through the KFOR mission, and contributing to international counter-piracy efforts off the Horn of Africa through Operation Ocean Shield. In 2011, NATO successfully carried out the UN-mandated mission in Libya to protect civilians, enforce a no-fly zone, and enforce a maritime arms embargo. NATO has also provided airlift and sealift support to the African Union (AU) missions in Somalia and Sudan, has engaged in a number of humanitarian relief operations in recent years, including delivery of over 100 tons of supplies from Europe to the United States following Hurricane Katrina, and leads the counterterrorism Operation Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean Sea.
Recognizing that the security challenges Allies face often emerge beyond Europe, NATO has become the hub of a global security network, establishing partnerships with over thirty countries....

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