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International Business Entering Japan Essay

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Japan, one of the world’s biggest importing garment markets, is a quite attractive destination for every countries operating in this industry. But it is also the most fastidious and heavily defended market in the world. It would be hard to enter Japan gradually, even with the world free trade agreement took effect in 2005, because garment businesses have to meet many strict requirements and standard barriers that they may find hard to overcome without careful business strategy preparation and culture amd regulation understanding.

I am building a business preposition and focusing on the primarily cultural and political aspects to entering Japanese market. In this context, my concentration is to understand targeted market, evaluate why culture and ...view middle of the document...

However, this market is marked by complexity, highly defended and unique of the culture and institution of trade which required careful investigation prior to investing business venture there.

My motivation and interest for this essay comes from my experience in garment industryand Japanese businessesspeciality obtained after four years worked at HSBC Bank Vietnam (as credit risk management officer) and Aon Risk & Insurance Vietnam (as business development executive) respectively. One of my potential customs was Thanh Cong who lacked knowledge and experience in entering Japan. Hence Thanh Cong put serious effort and investment to seek advices from business consultant partners on market entry strategy to become a leading company targeting Japan.

On this basis, I am acting as a member of business consultant team working to provide managers of Thanh Cong a coherent understanding of issues which they are facing as they aiming Japan, especially look at two major areas of evaluation: cultural sensitivity and governance institution. In my strategic planning I present the case company Thanh Cong and the empirical studying culture and regulation done on Japanese garment market. I begin by presenting overview trend of worldwide garment industry, then describing profile of Thanh Cong, evaluating Japanse garment market, continuing with business proposal which focusing on culture and regulation studying to enter targeted market as well as proposing my recommendation to deal with some analyzed issues.

Throughout the entire essay, besides my previous experience, academic sources and professional news, Mr Dung Nguyen, planning manager of Thanh Cong, has helped me to provide assistance and internal information and documents.

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