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Key Concepts and Principles of Internal Quality Assurance This handout will cover:         Why should IQA take place? The functions of IQA IQA cycle Key concepts of IQA IQA rationale Key principles of IQA Role & responsibilities of an IQA Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Why should IQA take place? IQA is the monitoring of the learner journey throughout their time with the organisation, it should take place to ensure the learners have received a quality service and that assessment has been correct and fair The IQA process is to:        plan what will be monitored, from whom and when observe training and assessor practice, and give developmental feedback sample assessment ...view middle of the document...

IQA cycle

Depending upon the subject you will internally quality assure, you will usually follow the internal quality assurance cycle. The cycle will continue to ensure the assessment process is constantly monitored and improved. Records of all activities must be maintained throughout to satisfy your organisation, the regulatory authorities and awarding organisations. Identify the product or service – ascertaining what is to be assessed and why. For example, are learners working towards a qualification, are staff being observed performing their job roles? The criteria will need to be clear, i.e. units from a qualification or aspects of a job specification. Learners should be allocated to assessors in a fair way, for example, according to location or work load. Missing text Key concepts of IQA These include: • • • • • • • • accountability assessment strategies risk factors evaluation interim or summative sampling transparency. VACSR having a rationale

Being accountable to your organisation and any external bodies.

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Following the assessment strategy for your subject will ensure you are carrying out your IQA role correctly. Missing text IQA rationale A good IQA system will start with a rationale. This is the reason why IQA takes place and ensures the activities used are safe, valid, fair and reliable. Safe: e.g. the methods used were ethical, there is little chance of plagiarism, the work can be confirmed as authentic, confidentially was taken into account, learning and assessment was not compromised, nor was the learner’s experience or potential to achieve (safe in this context does not relate to health and safety but to the methods used). Valid: e.g. the methods used were based on the requirements of the qualification or what was being assessed. Fair: e.g. the methods used were appropriate to all learners at the required level, taking into account any particular learner needs. Reliable: e.g. a similar decision would be made with similar learners. For example: All assessment decisions will be carried out by qualified assessors in each subject area and sampled by qualified internal quality assurers. This will ensure the safety, fairness, validity and reliability of assessment methods and decisions. It will also uphold the credibility of the qualification and reputation of the organisation. An IQA strategy will then be written to formalise what will be carried out and when. Key principles of IQA • • • • • • • assessor competence communication continuing professional development (CPD)...

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