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Internal Corporate Communication Essay

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In my current line of work dealing with diversity comes with its own set of challenges. We have quarterly trainings to teach and train subordinates and leaders on how to deal with one another. A lot of the problems are miscommunication setbacks. We have a lot of Soldiers from all walks of life. For many of them English is not their first and in some cases second language. That becomes a problem when a directive is given and not completely understood. Many people learn differently, where one person may learn through verbal communication another person may learn better reading the information ...view middle of the document...

The ultimate prize is to engage all employees, improve their abilities to make informed decisions and turn them into active advocates for the organization (Gills).
Both of the above mentioned strategies can be used to bridge the communication disconnect that may be hindering the organizations progress. Communication can be the downfall or a great success of any organization. We cannot expect every employee either to know everything that is taking place or, more important, to want to know everything. Everybody needs to know something, but nobody needs to know everything (Gills). Sometimes you have people within the organization that are there just to remain employed. These type of people have no desire to be a part of a solution and in turn they end up being parts of the problem..
My employer uses good communication. We receive policy changes as they are released. We also have access to a variety of different outlets to stay current. Sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Google just to name a few are readily accessible.  
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