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In 1961, Virginia outlawed interracial couples and labeled their children as “that abominable mixture and spurious issues (Grape 1988).” When slavery was abolished with the thirteenth amendment in 1865, southern states issues Black Codes that continued to prohibit relationships between white and blacks (Landau 1993). Many whites believed that

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Africans and Native American were inferior races and interbreeding would contaminate the white gene pool.
Even where interracial relationship weren’t outlawed, mined couples could faces serious consequences within their community. In 1800’s, a visitor from England to Buffalo, New York, described the plight of an interracial couple he met. “The wife (a white woman) was despised by the wives if white citizens, and both (the husband and wife) were shunned,” he reported. “While etiquette would not let him attend her at the
theater box; they never ventures out together.” If they did go out, it was usually after dark (Landau 1993).
Even decades later, white society seemed determined to prevent interracial romances in most instances. A variety of obstacles were used to prohibit these relationships. Many social scientists in the past focused on the supposed pathological aspects of the interracial relationship, and they assumed that anyone involved in such a relationship must be “disturbed” in some ways.
In 1967, Loving v. Virginia cleared all legal barriers to interracial marriages and relationships. This legislation made it legal to marry interracial, but many people weren’t willing to accept these relationships. After 1967 interracial marriages grew dramatically. But in today’s world interracial marriages can lead to peace and harmony. Interracial marriages promote acceptance, decrease the racial divide and create unity.

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First of all interracial marriages can help promote all types of acceptance. Becoming involved in an interracial relationship can help a person face the realities if racism. Many people have come to accept to idea of an interracial marriage but still don’t approve. Interracial relationships have changed drastically through the decades. People have become aware of the uniqueness and differences of people of other races.
Attitudes toward interracial relationships have improved over the years and today’s youth is growing and becoming very diverse, which is bringing about better
relations between races than ever before. Studies prove that barriers are indeed coming down (Knox journal 34).
Interracial marriages force people to take an honest look at their feelings about race and confront their racial biases. Interracial marriages are a step toward a more integrated and egalitarian society. The future of Americans belongs to the person who is the product of many different cultures. Through interracial marriages, different cultures will develop their unique identities and come together as one in harmony. Some couples embrace...

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