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Inter And Inner Personal Essay

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Case study 2
In case study 2, it is found that there are a few problems Kelly has.
First, it is the communication in Kelly’s family is poor. It is the main problem to Kelly, and there exist a chain reaction in it, so there are other problems are applied in her situation. From the passage, Kelly’s family is keeping to instil Kelly that she is the eldest daughter and she have to help her younger siblings. From the behavioral of her parents doing to brag about Kelly, it is pressuring Kelly indirectly. Since the parenting styles (Baumrind, 1991) of Kelly’s parent is authoritarian. They are keep demanding Kelly to do for the best and being a helpful daughter and do the best sister to take care ...view middle of the document...

In this crossroad, she was so lost and she did not know what to do. She was so lost to choose which gateway is actually suitable for her. In her Life Position (Harris, 1969), if she chooses to study in college, it will be “I am OK, You are not OK”. But if she chooses to work, the life position will be “I am not OK, You are OK”.
Third, it is the emotion problem. It is mentioned that it is very stressful for Kelly to study in her DSE examinations which she felt she must do well in. In this situation, she cannot manage her emotion well, and also there were lots of annoyance appear, the emotion of Kelly is keeping stressful. Also, she was so disappointed that her result of DSE examination were not good enough, she cannot handle disappointment well.
So, there are some suggestion for Kelly to solve these problems:
1. For improving her family communication, it is better for Kelly’s parents to change their parenting style to be authoritative, which is family-centered. They can set the guidelines while their child, including Kelly, needs and autonomy is respected. The more specific actions are to communicate with Kelly more, since they think it is better for Kelly to find a job to work in order to help support the family instead of studying in a college, this thinking is based on what they want and before knowing what Kelly actually wants. While the center was change into family-centered, Kelly’s parent should not control Kelly’ welfare. After having a better understanding of Kelly, they can spend more time to discuss with Kelly, try to figure out the best way for Kelly to go together, and make a guidelines for Kelly to achieving her goals. From the positive parenting behaviors (Hanna, S.L., Suggett, R. and Radkte, D., 2010), demonstrating warmth and affection, it also can help improving the communication of Kelly’s family, it can show the family warmth to every family members.
2. For the self-identification, Kelly always care what her parents expectation, and she seems like see her parent as more restrictive. Because of the parenting style of her parents. She cannot inspired any self-identities and self-concepts from her family. So it is better for her to have a clear mind of self-concept. Self-concept (Rosenberg, 1979), “The totality of your thoughts and feelings with reference...

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