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Inter Analysis

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Executive summary
Table of contents

1. Strategic analysis
2.1 internal analysis
2.1.1 existing mission, objective
Jamie’s Italian was founded in oxford in 2008. Since then it has grown to more than 40 restaurants worldwide, and there are already plans for even more in towns, counties and countries around the word. Their menu and concept are constantly evolving with creativity, simplicity, great quality and genuine passion at the heart of everything. They work hard to find the very best ingredients, which are meticulously sourced from producers, both in Italy and around the UK. And the staff of the restaurant have thorough knowledge of all the dishes that they serve ...view middle of the document...

Perry (2014) states that the group of the restaurant are professional. In addition to these, the reviews which are collected from Trip advisor show that most of the customers state that the food is fine and cheap, but not amazing as they expected. And most of the customers also complain that the queueing time and the serving time that they need to spend are too much, and the environment of the restaurant is too noisy, especially at lunch time, which will make customers difficult to enjoy the food, and some customers also complain the portions of the dishes are too small. The the comments of service from the customers are mixed, which means the quality of the service is not professional enough. For internal, the waiting staff have strong complain about the new tips systems. Rajeev (2015) reports that the waiters of Jamie’s Italian complain they pay money for work, which means the restaurant requires its waiter to pay a 2% levy from table sales they generate on each shift based on the total sales in a waiter’s section, for redistribute kitchen and door staff from credit tips.
2.1.3 Finances

As shown in this chart, the turnover experiences increase from 47,618th to 106,862th between 2010 and 2014, while the profit before taxation and profit Margin underwent a decrease to 3,910th and 3.66 respectively in 2014. It proves that the profitability of this restaurant is not a good trend. By contrast, there is an overall rise from 0.2 to 0.56 between 2010 and 2014 in liquidity ratio. It shows that the liquidity of Jamie’s Italian is being improved which means that short-term debt paying ability of this restaurant is being improved, but it still is a low level (reference). On the other hand, an overall decrease from 123.64% to 98.44% can be seen in gearing (from 2010 to 2014) which refers to the ratio of debt financing is declining, but it is still high level (reference). Besides, the period from 2010 to 2014 witnessed a steady rise (from 1183 to 2588) in number of employees which means that the human cost of Jamie’s Italian increased accordingly. In general, the current internal finance of Jamie’s Italian is not a satisfactory level and it need and it need improve especially in profit growth.
2.1 external analysis
2.2.1 Political
Firstly, the United Kingdom is one of the few developed countries that have political stability and social stability is an important factor for business which can absorb investment. (Research and Matic, 2015). The basic personal income tax rate is 20 percent. Since 2010, the government has started a comprehensive review of the UK tax system, consulting with business directly and have a design of the reforms of taxation which made tax policy simpler and more transparent. As a consequence, the corporation tax rate is currently reduced to 20 percent from 23 percent in 2003 and the report also mentioned that the tax rate in 2010 is 28 percent. I t is obvious that the tax rate now is the lowest it has ever been in...

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