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Integrative Network Design Essay

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Integrative Network Design

NTC 362

Integrative Network Design
This project will consist of five different phases totaling a timeline of six months. The first month will be the planning phase. This phase will have a deadline no longer than 30 days. After the first 30 days, the second phase will take into effect, which is the installation phase. This phase will also have a timeline of no more than 30 days. The Third Phase will be the longest phase of a timeline of 60 days. The third phase will be the testing phase. The testing phase is important because this is the troubleshooting phase. Troubleshooting is important to ensuring the new system is running up to optimal standards. ...view middle of the document...

This data needs to be stored somewhere, so next their database will be upgraded to hold more data. Then hardware components like scanners, routers, computers, servers, etc. will be upgraded. Finally a software to run the new system, so the data is protected and managed properly. This design will use a Wide Area Network (WAN) to communicate with the different locations located around the world. Handheld scanners, PDA’s, and company cell phones will use Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN). The WWAN will be set up through a cell phone company that offers 3g or 4g network. Portable devices such as laptops will communicate through a WIFI network within the site. A Local Area Network (LAN) will be used for all computers within the local facilities. This newer technology will ensure that Riordan will be able to deliver the quality business they want. In addition, this will give Riordan the ability to expand and grow further in business.
Currently Riordan Manufacturing has four different sites covering four different areas. Three of the sites in located in the United States and the forth is located in China. All the Sites are using a Star topology in their network diagrams. What this means is that a star network generally requires more cable, but a failure in any star network cable will only take down one computer's network access and not the entire LAN. If the hub fails, however, the entire network also fails. This means is the all the sites have a central Gateway router that all devices use to connect. Should this main device go down the whole network for that area would go down as well and not be able to communicate to other sites?
Riordan manufacturing has four locations connected by a wide area network. The locations consist of the corporate headquarters based in San Jose, California; the three other locations are Albany, GA, Pontiac MI, and China location. The corporate headquarters is the central hub, which all Wide area networks are connected. The connection between the China facility and headquarters is a satellite link consisting of a 51.8 Mb data rate and an advanced encryption standard of 256 end to end. The Corporate headquarters and China locations have the same network system.
The backbone of this location has a 100baseT Ethernet system. The headquarters has the administration section consist of corporate, marketing, finance, and human resources. There are 35 VOIP telephones part of this section. The servers consist of a UNIX server, which has the ERP and MRP server, A Windows Exchange server, Windows Network server, and NAS Iomega P800M. All workstations are a Windows 7 operating system in admin areas. The research and development has an identical Windows server with gateway 1000baseF network, which is all Macintosh Based environment and Macintosh Pro computers. Backup power has UPS for the server room. In addition, a secondary communications router has a T3 connection to outside network through a firewall.
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