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Integrated Pest Management Fo Rlady Beetle

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THE GAMBIA COLLEGE
SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
TOPIC: LADY BEETLE
Presented by: Omar ceesay GC # 214426
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LECTURER: Mr. Fabakary minteh

Lady beetles, also known as “ladybugs” or “ladybird beetles”, are familiar insects. They belong to phylum arthropod and family of Coccinellidae. Some 70 species are native to Colorado and about 10 to 12 additional species have established during the past century. Adult Lady Beetles are round and small (1-10 mm) long.
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They belong to phylum arthropod and family of Coccinellidae. Some 70 species are native to Colorado and about 10 to 12 additional species have established during the past century. Adult Lady Beetles are round and small (1-10 mm) long.
Overwhelmingly, habits of lady beetles are highly beneficial to human interests. Both the adult lady beetles and the grub-stage larvae have chewing mouthparts and are voracious predators of other insects. Although each type of lady beetle has preferences for what they will eat (e.g., aphids, scales, spider mites, mealy bugs, etc.), they tend to have fairly broad tastes and feed on almost any small arthropods (insects, mites) or insect eggs that they can successfully attack and ingest.



Most people know lady beetles as small, round, red beetles with black spots on their backs. Not all lady beetles are red, and not all red lady beetles have spots. Some lady beetles are very little and are black and hairy. Lady beetles vary in color as red, orange, or yellow with black spots. They can also be black with red spots. Some are missing spots altogether. There are even a few kinds of ladybeetles with metallic blue iridescence, and some have checkerboard markings or stripes.
Most of the black part of the ladybeetle is the thorax, also called the pronotum. It sometimes has spots on it, and sometimes it is all black. Multi-spotted individuals tend to be females while those with few or no spots tend to be males. Most beetles have a small, dark "M" or "W"-shaped marking on the whitish area behind the head. Lady Beetle antennae are short, shorter than the front legs, and are thicker at the ends than the middle. Lady Beetle larvae are also colored in some combination of black and red or orange. They are very active, and have rather rough or bumpy looking bodies that are longer than the adults. Lady Beetle pupae look somewhat like the adults. It is nearly impossible for anybody but experts to tell male Lady Beetles from female ones, and even the experts sometimes can't tell without dissecting the beetle.

* 
Has a black spot on its light gray or yellowish wings. A black form with two red spots also
occurs. It feeds on aphids and psyllids
* 
 ranges from red to yellow with no spots or up to 19 spots on the wings. The thorax is often cream colored with black markings. This larger lady beetle feeds on aphids, scales, psyllids and other insects.
* 
It eats only cottony...

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