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Int1 Task 3 Essay

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A. Project Design Plan
Popcorn is a favorite snack when a family sits down to watch a movie. With the convenience of microwave popcorn, within two to three minutes you can have your snack while enjoying your movie. The problem is finding the right brand of microwave popcorn that pops the most kernels. I am going to take three different brands of popcorn and find out which one pops the most kernels. We all want the most out of anything we purchase.
A1. Literature Review
I found multiple web sites performing this same type of experiment. I chose two sites to use for comparison of my work. The fist site I viewed showed Orville Redenbacher’s ...view middle of the document...

8. Once all bags have been popped, counted and recorded, total all un-popped corn for each brand. Take the total and divide by three to get an average of un-popped corn.
9. Record average in the final column of your data chart.
A2b. Reasoning
I chose this design plan because it seemed to be the most logical to conduct this study. By monitoring my controlled variables I am able to minimize threats to internal validity.
A2c. Sequence of Events
To collect my quantitative data, after each bag of popcorn has been popped, I will count each un-popped kernel of each brand and record it on my data sheet. Once all bags have been popped, and recorded, I will calculate the total of each brand by adding the un-popped kernels of all 3 bags per brand. Lastly, I will divide the total un-popped kernels of all 3 bags for the first brand and divide by 3 to get the average of un-popped kernels per brand. After all 3 brands have been averaged I will be able to determine which brand of microwave popcorn leaves the least amount of un-popped kernels.
A2d. Tools, Technologies, and Measurement Units
To conduct this experiment the following tools & material will be used:
• 3 bags of ACT II microwave butter flavor popcorn
• 3 bags of POP Waver microwave butter flavor popcorn
• 3 bags of Orville Redenbacher’s microwave butter flavor popcorn
• 2 large bowls to separate popped from un-popped kernels.
• 1 microwave
A3. Variables
The controlled variables for this study will include using the same microwave and the same temperature for all samples. The same amount of cooking time between popping each bag, using the same flavor of popcorn and using the same amount of test samples for each brand. My independent variable will be the brand of microwave popcorn. My dependent variable will be the average of un-popped kernels per brand of microwavable popcorn.
A4. Threat Reduction to Internal Validity
Threats to internal validity can be anything other than the independent variable that might affect the outcome of the dependent variable in an experiment. I will use the following techniques to preserve the reliability of the experiment and attempt to reduce the threat to internal validity.
1. I will pop 3 bags of each brand for consistency
2. I will wait 5 minutes between each bag popped to prevent pre-heating as a variable.
3. I will use the same microwave and temperature.
4. I will use an average of un-popped kernels per brand.
A5. Hypotheses
If both, expensive and inexpensive brands of microwave popcorn are popped; I believe that a higher number of popped kernels will result in the more expensive brand, the more expensive brand being Orville Redenbacher’s. I normally purchase both name brand and generic grocery items depending on the product. I find that some generic items are just as high quality as name brand. My belief is that generic popcorn will have a higher average of un-popped kernels compared to name brand popcorn.
B. Process of Data...

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