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Insurance Essay

2343 words - 10 pages


SUB : Quality Control & Quality Assurance Sub. Code: ETME – 402
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|1 |Introduction | |
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|1 |
| |Concept of Process Variability, Chance & Assignable Variations |1 |
| |Process Capability and its Methods of Determination. Concept of Type 1 and Type II Errors | |
| |Concept, Definition, Purposes & Objectives of Control Charts | |
| |Control Charts for Variables (X, R, ( charts) with problems |2 |
| |Patterns on Control Charts |1 |
| | |3 |
| |Control Charts for Attributes (p. np. 100 p.c.u charts) with problems |3 |
| |Variable charts vs Attribute charts |1 |
|1 |Acceptance Sampling | |
| |Definition, Advantages, Applications & Methods of Taking Samples | |
| |Acceptance Sampling vs 100% Inspection |1 |
| |Single, Double, Multiple and Sequential Sampling plans including numericals. Calculations of Average Total Inspection | |
| |(A.T.I.) |3 |
| |OC Curve, its characteristics, regions and salient points. |1 |
| |Quality Indices for sampling plans, Average outgoing quality, AOQL |1 |
|2 |Quality Assurance | |
| |Need, Principles, Advantages and Essentials of Quality Assurance System. Quality Control v/s Quality Assurance | |
| |Quality Assurance Manual, Field complaints |1 |
| |Quality Audit and its types, Concept of Quality Circles ...

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