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| |Health Administration Capstone |

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| | |
| |Examine the future of the health care industry. | | |
|Readings |Read the Week One Read Me First. | | |
| |Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. | | |
|Participation |Participate in class discussion. |Ongoing |2 |
|Discussion Questions |Respond to weekly discussion questions. |DQ1 due Wednesday |2 |
| | |and DQ2 Friday | |
|Nongraded Activities and |Begin working on the Program Reflection due in Week Two. | | |
|Preparation |Begin working on the Health Care Industry Paper due in Week Two. | | |
| |Begin working on the Personal Action Plan due in Week Three. | | |
|Learning Team Instructions |Review the Week One objectives and discuss additional insights and questions that may have | | |
| |arisen. | | |
|Individual |As one part of the total program evaluation process, the College of Natural Sciences is |Monday |10 |
|Assessment Activity |interested in knowing about your learning experience in the Bachelor of Science in Health | | |
| |Administration program. As a way to collect data and make improvements to our overall | | |
| |program, we have included programmatic assessment activities that we would like you to | | |
| |complete. This data is strictly confidential and will be used in a cumulative way to evaluate| | |
| |the program and your experience for the purpose of reporting and program improvement. Your | | |
| |input is very valuable to us, so we encourage you to take a few minutes of your...

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