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Instinct Essay

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You got ball, “BREAK A LEG”
One glance at the assignment’s title and the first thing came to my mind, “What in the world is this?” Is it literally my lecturer wants me to organize a fist fighting sort of a competition where we challenge guys to fight with each other by kicking their guts out? My thoughts went wild and I start imagining Brad Pitt look alike guys flexing their well define sculpted body with sweat dripping from that crunchy abdominal muscles. The reality was far apart from my imagination. Yes, there will be guys involve. Yes, they will compete with each other and yes, they will even flex their muscles, but for a completely different reason. It’s a futsal competition!
I was thrilled with this as it will be my first ever venture in organizing sports event. Moreover, the title of the event itself was so catchy that I was so ...view middle of the document...

We started this assignment by conducting meetings. Meetings were held weekly with our advisor Mr. Dharminder. Meetings helped us in getting along with each other and finalizing details of the task in hand. We divided the responsibility and segregated into two main groups, one working to get sponsorship and the other working in organizing the event. Oh! By the way, I was elected as a secretary for the group taking down minutes of every meeting.
In the beginning we procrastinated and soon we realize we were running out of time when our advisor drew the timeline on the white board and showed to us where we were heading to. Right after this nailing session, the team picked up its speed in getting the work done. We gathered up to discuss and exchange ideas on ways to fundraise for the event.

Sponsorship was another challenge to us as we have source for companies that were willing to bank on us. Many rejected, yet we still managed to seal some good deals in the end.
As the project was progressing, conflicts starts arising among the group members. Every group member has their own opinions and some of them were very firm on their stand. Everyone has their own perspectives and at times it was difficult to derive at a mutually agreed decision. We find ways to adjust in order to maintain the stability of our relationship and to ensure the priority on the task remains. Amazingly, we were able to resolve the issue by putting the differences aside and manage to work as a team by carrying out the event.

From time to time, we also enjoyed ourselves throughout the event especially when it comes to fundraising activities. We learnt many marketing strategies and had fun in trying out new techniques.

Although there were many short comings and hindrance in organizing this event, but with the support from our advisor, we managed to paint a perfect picture. Victory was finally ours! We cherish the moment we spent together and appreciate everything that we have worked on as a team.

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