Instant Replay In Baseball Essay

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Instant Replay in Baseball
As of now, the only use of instant replay in baseball is to decide whether what appears to be a homerun is indeed a homerun. However, recent talks have began to arise on the expansion of this so called tool. These talks began after a controversial call that occurred a couple months ago between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers pitcher, Armando Galarraga, had a perfect game going into the ninth until the first base umpire made a close call resulting in a hit. After a slow motion replay on T.V, it was clear that the umpire missed the call causing an uproar of critics, claiming baseball needs instant replay to save this from happening again. To prevent a once in a life time ...view middle of the document...

Baseball fans enjoy watching the managers scream into the umpires' faces while vigorously throwing his arms up in the air. It adds a surge of energy through those in the crowd and those watching at home. It also gives his team motivation to play hard because they know that their coach has their back. To add instant replay would mean losing one of the most vital parts of the game.
Instant Replay would dismantle the flow of baseball. Being a baseball fan, I admit its a long, slow game. Adding instant replay would make matters worse. The system would be similar to the NFL. Umpires would retreat to the viewing booth where they would review a play, which could take 5 to 10 minutes. This would take the rhythm out of the game. Pitchers and hitters have a rhythm when they play the game. When a pitcher steps on the mound, he repeats the same motion, the same steps every pitch. That's why hitters step out of the box at times and base runners step back and forth while taking a lead, to get a pitcher out of his rhythm. Hitters do the same, they have a routine. They step in the box, adjust their batting gloves, align their feet, and tap the plate. It's a groove. Instant replay would prevent players from getting into this groove and rhythm that has been a part of the game since it was created.
Missed calls are part of the game. Players are taught not to worry about what the umpires to call but to work hard and earn it themselves. If the umpire misses a call out of your favor, the next play you work harder to earn it back. It adds drama, energy, and motivation that we've enjoyed for 100 years. It's not the NFL, they don't blow whistles and toss flags. The game has a pulse, further use of instant replay wouldn't fit.

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