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Installation Of Self Check Out Machines By Retailers

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Installation of Self Check Out Machines By Retailers

The reasons leading to retailers installing self check out machines are varied; during and after the global economic crises there has been an upsurge by retail stores across the board to embrace this new check out system. The factors that have led to this are, there has been an increase in competition among retail stores which has led to them to become more conscious of their expenditure, this means that the retail stores and markets, are able to cut back on their staff by reducing the number of human cashiers at their outlets . Customers are also ...view middle of the document...

(Patrick Thibodeau. Computer World. 2013).

The reduction in time spent while shopping by the customers has lead to an enhanced positive customer experience. In the United States 20to 25 percent of the pay roll in retail is spent on cashiering and the functions that are associated with it, therefore, the reduction in the number of human cashiers in the retail outlets has also meant savings for the markets and retail stores which in turn is translated in discounts offered to their customers. (Aravindh Vanchesan. Global leadership Assessment .2013)

.Retailers are also able to reorganize their work force so that they can place more effort, in departments within the market or retail outlet that needed extra help and or that can increase the outlets profit. The manned self check out machines are quite efficient as they are able to serve customers faster even though the basket sizes in this aisles has increased. For example one member of staff can supervise up to four self check out systems and assist a customer who may be unfamiliar with the system while his colleagues assist customers in the product aisles, this increases the security within the outlet and also enhances the customers shopping experience.


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