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Inspector Calls Gcse Essay The Inspector's First Appearance

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Explore the ways in which Priestley makes the Inspector’s first appearance and following conversation significant and dramatic.

Priestley makes the Inspector’s first appearance and following conversation significant and dramatic and so should therefore be explored further.
The conversation between Mr Birling, Eric Birling, Gerald Croft and the Inspector initially hints to traits in their personalities. As the Inspector enters he instantly makes an impression. Following this the Inspector tries to find any information out about the suicide that he was investigating. Due to the circumstances of the case the Inspector speaks to Mr Birling first, telling him that due to his actions of firing ...view middle of the document...

The Inspector is said to speak ‘carefully’, ‘weightily’ and having a ‘disconcerting habit’, which suggests that he will be very intimidating, which will unsettle Mr Birling, as due to his personality he likes to be in control which will be lacked. The short responses between Mr Birling and the Inspector create drama, as it speeds up the conversation making it more serious. Although the conversation is fast, Mr Birling boasts about himself to the Inspector and tries to assert his authority by depicting that he knows ‘the Brumley police officers pretty well’ which implies that Mr Birling is trying to ensure that the Inspector understands he has power.
Then after the stage directions half way through the conversation, the Inspector has shown Mr Birling the photograph and is now being questioned by Eric Birling and Gerald Croft as to why they were unable to see the photograph of the girl. The Inspector gives no definite answers as he says ‘There might be’ in response to Gerald as he shows signs of annoyance. Along with Gerald’s annoyance, Eric also remains true to his traits of being half shy and half assertive as ‘the same applies’ to him as it does to Gerald, so with the Inspector’s response being short and assertive, he makes his first appearance dramatic through the use of short sentence. The stage directions ‘The Inspector is watching Birling’ reinforces the initial description of the Inspector that he is attempting to intimidate Mr Birling to make him feel uneasy. Shortly after this Eric is shocked at the reveal that the young girl was one of his father’s employees. Through Eric’s behaviour it is evident that he is concerned as to ‘why she committed suicide’ and asks his father numerous questions such as ‘When was this, Father?’ which demonstrates the contrast between Mr Birling and his son Eric Birling, that Eric does not share the same principals as his father and is astounded to discover that this could be his father’s fault. Therefore this causes the...

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