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Inside Out Essay

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Essay - Inside Out
Inside Out is a short film from 1999 made by Tom and Charles Guard, also known as The Guard Brothers. This short film shows how opposites attract, but it also shows how a big chaotic city can make love difficult.
In Inside Out the male character and the female character never really connect, they never really talk or touch each other. They never meet, because they are separated by the fashion shop's window. The window is like a barrier. Still they kind of have an instant "connection", like eye contact. When the man sees the woman he lights up, becomes energetic and he seeks her attention, he tries to act funny. The complete opposite of what he was before, a frustrated ...view middle of the document...

There are thousands of people in the city. This makes the man and the woman appear like two tiny little pieces of a big puzzle.
Tom and Charles Guard use both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, but they mostly use non-diegetic. The non-diegetic sounds are used throughout the whole short film. The non-diegetic sounds are music. One piece of music which changes pace throughout the short film. The music is a joyful melody which is entertaining and effects the viewer. It describes and amplifies the moment between the man and the woman, because the situation is very romantic and joyful, but still frustrating. It is frustrating, because they never really connect even though they have a romantic and flirting time together. The diegetic sounds are simple sound effects like footsteps, car sounds, public transportation and general city sounds. These diegetic/non-diegetic sounds show that people are too busy to talk and have a conversation. There is absolutely no sound of talking at all.
Through the music and the body language of the two main characters the viewer gets an impression of...

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