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Insepctor Calls Questions Act 3 Essay

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1. What changes are there in Eric’s character in the course of this act?

Eric has been seen as a foolish, immature young man in his interactions with other characters early in the play, we have learnt that he has been a steady drinker for two years and that he is treated childlike, for example, Mrs Birling assumes that Eric and his sister are tired because he is apart of the younger generation although he is old enough to be responsible for his actions. In Act Three the Inspector questions Eric, and when the truth comes out about Eric’s role of Eva Smith’s death he acts as if their relationship was brief and the fact that she became pregnant seemed a childish game by describing her as a ...view middle of the document...

In his famous speech he says everyone is “intertwined” with one and others lives and “members of one body”, he also contributes that everyone shares “hopes and fears,their suffering and chance of happiness” because every single person in life is affected by this and is what they share in common.

The Inspector’s speech warns people that if they do not learn to be more responsible, they will be forced to understand their mistakes through “fire and blood and anguish”. The Inspector’s foreseeing all the suffering that will result from selfishness, he uses dramatic irony as he refers to war as this play was set in 1912 however performed first in 1946 so the audience knew that World War 1 was coming and it gave the impression that if people still hadn’t taken responsibility and learnt from their mistakes that after World War Two took place there could be another war.

In relevance to Eva Smith, I think J.B. Priestley tries to portray that Eva’s death was caused because of the Birling family and Gerald’s actions and that they need to accept and digest this responsibility, learn from these mistakes and be better people because under the influence of certain people determines how you make your life and how you want to live it. His speech definitely encouraged Eric and Sheila as they found themselves remorseful whereas their parents and Gerald tried to avoid blaming...

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