Inquiring About The Inner Energy As A Unconscious Source Of Creativity

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Hedy Herrera
Creativity and Consciousness. JFKU

Hedy Herrera
Creativity and Consciousness. JFKU

February 7, 2013
February 7, 2013
Inquiring about the inner energy as a unconscious source of Creativity
Opposite Forces: Inner
Inquiring about the inner energy as a unconscious source of Creativity
Opposite Forces: Inner

Opposite forces: inner

The question of how to access the creative source as an artist is a constant and many times difficult search to understand for me. I have learned to let go of structures and to draw inspiration from intuition and my "inner space," that quiet place I can go to rest, dream, and energize. I can go there through meditation, ...view middle of the document...

Now the feeling is different, the waters call me from inside me giving me peace.
The big waves, other times so intimidating, now seem playful and quietly dreamy. I remembered a very powerful dream I had which was the first time I was not scared or wake up afraid to fall asleep again. I was somewhere familiar with my daughter and son among several of my closest friends gathered together as in a community. The place was near the ocean and we were all enjoying being there in a sunny afternoon. Suddenly, I turned and see the water rise very, very high. It was like a wall of water moving toward us, several people held hands, I clutched my kids near my body, and kept looking at the water but we did not run. The water moved fast towards the edge and then suddenly it stopped as if it would had frozen many meters high like a skyscraper, shinning and moving but not falling on us.
It was like looking defiantly but with fear on the eye, and not bucking. I have never dreamt of water or oceans being a threat since that dream. Experiencing this inner energy through making art has immediately taken me to connect with the interior waters. The meiotic liquid of the uterus, the blood running through the veins, the mucous lining of the organs and in general images of inside the body

A material that I have been exploring is textile and threads. The softness and playfulness especially the threads and yarns resonates with how my body wants to approach life and also the blank paper, canvas or material. Threads can make swirls mimicking floating air or the soft movement of water in the deepness of the oceans, with its shapeless creatures that dance with the waves and make me smile. I have let these materials guide me in making the art that aroused from conversing with the opposites that chose me, I don’t feel that I picked them, I was just there and I heard the call, not knowing the purpose, but so I went along. Letting the materials speak to me as I walked passed them many times observing them, intuitively starting to show their potential to me. I wanted to complete the book started in class but although...

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