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Innovations And Technology Management Essay

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Title Page
Module: MGT3130 Innovations and Technology Management
Name : Abdo Abdullahi
Student Number: M0027455
Module leader: Mr Hong Woo
Question 1: In the Skullcandy case (Chapter 12, Schilling 2010), would you characterise Skullcandy’s new product development team structure as Functional, Lightweight, Heavyweight or Autonomous and why? Provide your analysis with justifications.
Question 2: Discuss the main sources of innovation, and what are particularly important for a company such as Skullcandy and why?
MGT3130 Innovation and Technology Management – CP2

Question 1

Skull candy team structure can be characterised as hybrid lightweight and heavyweight. On the ...view middle of the document...

Loch et all 2008).

Moreover Skull candy light weight team have a project manager who will coordinate all the work. The light weight team manager Josh Poulsen will be acting as intermediary by going back and forth and making sure that work being carried out is perfect being done by the functional organisations (David L, Rainet 2005). Josh Poulsen the project manager of Skull candy is a junior or a middle level manager who doesn’t really have a big influence within Skull candy (Marvin R.Gottlieb 2007). Josh Poulsen’s time in a light weight team structure will be spend on confirming schedules , updating time lines and expediting across groups (Steven C.Wheelwright 1993). The case study shows that Josh Poulsen not having any authority or control over the key members of the project team who are working within their functional groups. Fiqure 12.1 shows that project manager Josh Poulsen only spends part time doing the project but he will provide cross-functional integration for Skull candy.

It’s in the heavyweight team’s structure that project managers are seen as senior managers who out rank the functional managers (Melissa A. Schilling 2010). Eventually unlike the light weight structure the project manager has the power to command resources and also check team member’s contribution and reward them. It’s the project managers who will have influence on performance appraisals of the team members (Richard W.Bregard et all 1996). Skull candy project manager provides support and also rewards the individuals on their performance through recognition reviews for what they accomplished that year.

Additionally on the basis that it has heavyweight team structure comes from the fact that the project manager provides cross-functional interrogation with Skull candy. It’s this combination of factors of having a very strong communication and cross-functionality within Skull candy that makes the team members committed to the project at all times.

Question 2

Individual creativity

Individual creativity is a way that we identify factors that can help us in changing the way we end up doing things. Its individual creativity that drives people at all levels of foreseeing money and profits through product innovation. Individual creativity makes ideas and products that are seen as novel and also adaptive and also useful (Patterson 2012). In addition to this (West 1990) concludes that there is four factors of individual creative that is beneficial for innovation and they are vision , participating when comes with ideas without being scared , being task orientated and support for innovation.

Individual creativity is important for a company like Skull candy because it will allow them to keep coming up with new ideas and generate high quantity of quality headphones (Leigh L et all 2006). The vision to set a clear objective and accomplishing and completing a set task on deadlines is crucial for Skull candy. Also having a strong team that can...

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