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Innovation From Google’s Free Food Strategy

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Industrialization after the Civil War
Annie Payne
Doria Johnson
Contemporary U.S. History
October 26, 2014

Industrialization after the Civil War
City growth had a positive and negative effect on the United States during the industrialization period after the Civil War.

I. Three aspects of industrialization
A. Social
B. Specialization
C. Mechanization

II. Five groups that ...view middle of the document...

African Americans fought for segregation.

B. Immigrants
1. More immigrants migrated to the United States to search for jobs.
2. Immigrants were a part of the low class community because of overcrowding.

C. Women
1. Women started to leave the role of being a housewife and started to enter the workforce.
2. Women tried to get Voting Rights.

D. Farmers
1. Farmers were introduced to new technology.
2. Farmers used new tools and methods to increased food production.

E. Native Americans
1. Native Americans had to move out of their homelands for more factories can be built.
2. Native Americans had to move into smaller sections of lands some even had to move to slums that were for the low class community.

III. Five ways that industrialization affected the life of the average working American.

A. Average workers moved to larger cities and lived in slums.
B. Goods were cheaper such as: clothing and weapons.
C. Longer working hours in horrible factory conditions.
D. There were more restrictions with work because some was in charge.
E. The Middle Class was formed.

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