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Innovation And Collaboration At Coca Cola It's The Real Thing Case Study

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1. Analyze Coca-Cola and its business strategy using the value chain and competitive forces models.

2. What is the relationship of collaboration and knowledge management to Coca-Cola’s business strategy?

3. How is Coca-Cola using knowledge management systems to execute its business model and business strategy?

4. Why is Coca-Cola’s relationship with its bottlers so important? What is Coke doing to improve its ability to collaborate with its bottlers?

5. What are Coca-Cola’s prospects for success in the future? Will information systems make a difference? Why or why not?

Analyze Coca-Cola and its business strategy using the value chain and ...view middle of the document...

This is the part where Coca-Cola is investing much and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage.

From the point of competitive forces model:
Traditional competition:
Prices of Pepsi, local brand „
Market share
Promotional actions of competition
Light, diet coke, cherry coke. Variations

New entrants:
New "look-a-like" manufacturers (foreign; global competition)
Substitute products
Fashionable new drinks, Red Bull, Cold coffee, Belgian beer, ...
Price and availability of ingredients on world market
Quality speed safety „ Quality, speed, safety, traceability, flexibility of supply chain

Consumer taste, fashion, Combined purchase power of shops, supermarkets

What is the relationship of collaboration and knowledge management to Coca-Cola's business strategy?

Coca-Cola has to maintain its employees throughout the whole world. Their employees are required to get quick access to information. The development of collaboration technology is helping them to get access quickly and given a structured form of information. Through this they are sharing knowledge among the Coca-Cola work team. Coca-Cola is now running their activities in a much structured form. They are using a standardized platform web for knowledge sharing.

How is Coca-Cola using knowledge management systems to execute its business model and business strategy?

Basically Coca-cola is using both internally and externally knowledge management systems to execute their business model and business strategy. Internally they are using IBM's content manager software to create online image library and digital archive containing images, documents accessible by all employees via standardized platform through the web. Besides they are also using Microsoft collaboration tools for unified...

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