Innovation Essay

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SNAPSHOT: July 6, 2011

Vision: The most trusted company to deliver IT solutions that provide a competitive advantage Mission: To simplify, automate, and optimize business services while integrating new disruptive t h l i such as cloud-based iinfrastructure, software as a service, and mobile computing h l db d f t t ft i d bil ti technologies
Growth Strategy: Increase Revenues

Loyal, profitable, growing customers

Efficiency Strategy: Optimal Utilization

PERFORMANCE MEASURES $ Mainframe Market $ Professional Services $ “Next 11” Markets % Satisfaction Survey $ Service Rev/Account $ Profit/Partner/Market % Sales “Win-Rate” Rank: Industry reviews

TARGETS (NEXT 12 MONTHS) $75MM next 12mo ...view middle of the document...

se 2012” “Success Stories” plan BMC “Mobility Program”

F Financial

$250MM in Fortune 100 “What’s Next” Lunches

“Product Lock-In” Product leadership in in mainframe market

“Increase Profitability” Sell services to help adopt new technologies

“Global Market” Sell into high-growth emerging markets

“Optimize Delivery” Develop global sales and delivery model

% Delivery USA/Foreign 20% off-shore delivery PRODUCT “Turnkey Solution” Flexible, scalable mainframe solutions SERVICE “Mainframe Pains” How will new IT impact my existing systems? i ti t ? SCALE “Global Partners” Local partners seek increased scale PRICING “Value-Based” Mix of low-cost, highquality, global delivery


Cus stomer

Product: “CMDB” Build or acquire; retain #1 product position

“Sell More Services” Sell high-margin privacy and security services PEOPLE “$5K IT Stipend” BMC will pay $5K/year for IT certifications

“Next 11 Markets” Identity partners for strategic markets

“Swarm Delivery” Local delivery and global IT experts LEADERSHIP “Mobility Program” Promising managers/ SMEs rotate globally

$ Profit / Service Offering 10-20-40-MM Pyramid # Tier 1 Partners/Market % Delivery USA/foreign

20% off-shore Delivery Revamp Internal Portal 8K: See functional VP 1:100:5 33 Managers (3 per)


INFORMATION “Success Stories” Demo solutions with overseas offices

# Whitepaper Downloads 10K Cloud + 5K SaaS # IT Certs/Category % Demo/Leads/Sales # Managers/Country


“Anticipate Needs” Internal knowledge groups for Cloud/SaaS


Partnership, Honesty, Flexibility, Initiative, Dependability, Enthusiasm, Knowledge, Loyalty, Results

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