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Initiative Essay

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Audience Analysis
Robert Johnson
Ralph Schoen

Audience analysis is the art of determining the type of information for a specific audience. Information is assembled to fit the targeted audience by analyzing the group members with consideration of the different cultures, gender, professional capacity, education, race, and geographical location. These are some of the key elements that will decide the tone and the adaptation of a clear and comprehensive message tailored to any specific audience.
Identifying fears, feelings, and needs, to motivate and captivate the audience with suitable content using choice of detail for the age group of the audience is only some of the ...view middle of the document...

Indeed the judging type lives a planned orderly life seeking closure in all of their doings. Similarly the perceiving type live a flexible and spontaneous life enjoying all of the possibilities. Furthermore to know the audience’s literacy level is most important in addressing the audience properly without offending anyone; implementing an understanding and simple to comprehend. Also knowing the audiences strengths to persuade and implement verbal, and visual communication relating to the audience as a group.
In addition introducing something for everyone to enjoy and learn from in a forum constructed to allow full group participation is a key concept for a successful meeting. Last demographic and psychographic characteristics are important to understand and be aware of, and being sensitive to the diverse group is another key element.
What Communication Channels are Appropriate?
Communication has many variation channels to choose from to reach an audience depending if the need is to be persuasive or informative. Also one type of channel may work with a particular audience, and a different channel may be more appropriate for another audience. Besides communication channels have different speeds, accuracy of transmission, number of messages carried, the number of people reached, cost, efficiency, and the ability to promote good will.
Equally important is using a form of written messages like a written overview or a pamphlet, makes it easier to present extensive and complex data so the audience can follow the speech and process the information at their own speed. By presenting many specific details allows the audience to picture the process better.
Consequentially minimizing undesired emotions, the person giving the lecture or meeting does not want to appear bored, tired, out of place, he or she should appear focused with determination to complete a successful meeting in which everyone will take away information suited for his or her department. However, by using the appropriate emotion for the audience, verbal messages are very effective in persuading the audience to accept the bigger picture of the message.
Therefore, the ability to resolve conflicts and build a consensus the audience can relate to is extremely important to maintain the group in a guided tour; a walk through an information park, where each person can see, feel, touch, and understand on his or her own level what the information means to each individual personally. Even modifying plans when going through the meeting to find a groove in which everyone can relate to, is part of the process for a successful meeting.
Also including the audience into the process in helping make the transition from outsiders to insiders and interpreting their immediate action or responses enables the speaker to find a positive flow the audience can follow taking away the desired outcome for each different department.
What are some Considerations to Keep in Mind...

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