Informative Speech Reflection Paper

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Abubakr Mohamed

1. What I most liked about my speech was the first three and a half minutes because I started out my speech with confidence and strong voice that carries throughout the room. I also followed my outline and stick to it which made my purpose clear and showed the importance of the topic to the audience. Moreover my eye contacts was on entire audience , my posture was good , legs did not cross, no leaning on podium, and my hands movement was minimal and did not move too much which is the case when I usually talk to people. I think I also was able to show the importance of my topic to audience by getting their attention. I avoided making my speech to technical so it will be easy for those who are not familiar with the topic to understand.
2. After the three and a half minutes I started to rely heavily on my outline instead of ...view middle of the document...

When it came to conclude my speech, my nervousness was at its peak and I didn't’ even know what I said. I also used filler words such as “um” and “like” but not too often. While my delivery was kind of acceptable as a whole, I do wish I had spoken with more confidence so that could have fixed many of the problems I had. Being the first time to give and individual speech, the way I organized my outline was not very good and I will improve it in my future speeches.
3. Overall, I believe the fluidity of my speech is my greatest downfall and improvement with that area is necessary. I will work hard to be better prepared and portray my ideas and thoughts in a more fluid fashion and that will be don through more and more   practice, until I almost memorizing my speech to avoid reading from my outline as much as possible .The difference between my speaking skills in reality and my speaking skills I previously imagined I had are very contrasting. I am looking forward to these upcoming weeks to see how much I can improve my public speaking skills, and hopefully the upcoming speech will be also recorded so I can critique myself once again and see if I have made any improvement. One other thing that I can do to help improving my speech is to present it in front of different groups of people before the actual presentation date, so that I can get feedback on the coherency and clarity of my speech. One of the most important things that I will use in my future presentations is to use PowerPoint slides, because that will increase my audience’s understanding of the subject and make them ask questions showing their interest in my speech. In my next speech o will try to concentrate more on my speech and my audience not on myself and relax because not doing so that will make me fail to get the audience my message.

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