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Informative Speech

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Title: Nuclear Power Advantages
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the advantages of using nuclear power as an alternative power sources.
Thesis Statement: After taking nuclear power advantages into consideration, not many people would feel the need of sticking to conventional fossil fuels, which are causing so much harm to the environment.
1. Introduction
A. Attention Getter:
When you hear the word of “Nuclear”, what will be in your mine?
Nuclear power is being pitched as a suitable replacement for the age-old fossil fuels, and this success of nuclear power can be attributed to various advantages that it has over the other ...view middle of the document...

2. Second, I will discuss the process of nuclear power and how it’s work.
3. Next, I will discuss the advantage of nuclear power.
4. Finally, I will discuss the conclusion.

II. Body.

A. Nuclear power is an electric or motive power generated by a nuclear reactor.
1. Also known as nuclear energy.
2. Nuclear power is an alternative power sources.
a. Using the nuclear fission of uranium or plutonium to create heat.
b. Through a heat transfer mechanism and turbines and create electricity.
3. One of the most important carbon-free sources.
4. Become strongest contender to replace fossil fuels as the primary source of energy
5. Most efficient source among the various alternative energy sources.

B. The process of nuclear power has five steps:

1. The process begins when uranium fuel is loaded into the reactor. In the reactor's core, the atoms split apart and release thermal energy. This occurs when neutrons are fired at uranium atoms causing them to split apart in a chain reaction. The control rods inside the reactor can be raised and lowered to soak up neutrons in order to effectively monitor the speed of the chain reaction.
2. In a closed loop, water is pumped into the reactor from the heat exchanger, collects the thermal energy and returns to the heat exchanger.
3. Inside the heat exchanger the water coming from the reactor transfers its energy to cooler water that is operating in another closed loop with a steam turbine.
4. The water pumped in from the heat exchanger produces steam that blows on the turbines vanes causing them to spin, creating kinetic energy.
5. The steam turbine is connected to an electricity generator and powers the generators motor.

C. The advantages of nuclear power.

1. Cleaner source...

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