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Information Use Paper

812 words - 4 pages

Information Use Paper
Tyler Claire
University of Phoenix
Facilitator John Ziah
October 19, 2012

Information Use Paper
The executive summary has critical information Technology. The bullets the author will discuss are as followed. Identifying and describing ways information technology is used in organization today and techniques on organization flow. The organization the author chose is BILO supermarket. The author will describe the software’s organization uses to be safe. Information technology has become a vital and integral part of organization today. Multinational Corporation maintains mainstream mainframe systems to small ...view middle of the document...

Product information systems enable organization to keep track of item names, weight, capacity, and pricing. Product code or product number is also important for location products faster and easier. Products that are on a promotional period some time will be discounted or have free shipping in sale promotion time frame. Product code or number enables customer to shop directly from catalogs, are websites. Employee’s information system is vital to human resource to keep track of employee’s name phone numbers, address, and other important information. Employee information system allows company to keep track of employees’ wages, and hours employees work per day, week, month, and year. Organization track exemptions claimed for organization tax purposes (Types of Information Systems in a Business Organization, 2012).
I am unemployed, but I am familiar with Harris Teeter. Customer who sign up for Harris Teeter VIC card will fills out the application with the following information name, address, email, and phone numbers. This information is stored in database systems. Harris Teeter tracks customer purchases; store information of customer such as phone numbers and address, a customer can also go online to register for new email notification on sale products and coupons. Harris Teeter had a VIC card this card is use to discounts items on sale or customer can use their phone numbers if choose to this option is accepted. Harris Teeter keeps track of customer orders types of items ordered, customer spending, and coupons are given after transaction. Example I always get coupons for baby feeds, washing soap, tissue, paper towel, etc. Coupons are issued on customer product line of choice.
Harris Teeter has a product information system that stores and receives product information. The bar code scanner or the computer...

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