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Chapter One: Information Systems in Global Business Today
-Information system: A set of interrelated components that collect, retrieve, process, store, and distribute info to support decision making and control in an organization –Six building blocks of computers: input, output, memory, arithmetic/logic unit, control unit and files. Control unit and arithmetic/logical unit together known as CPU (central processing unit). –Arithmetic/Logic Unit: carries out mathematical operations and logical comparisons, consist of very large scale integrated circuits, can perform billion operations per second, numbers taking from memories as input and results stored in memory as output. -Control Unit: ...view middle of the document...

–Information: A message that is meaningful and useful to human beings. –Three basic functions of information system: Input (captures or collects raw data from within the organization or from its external environment), processors (converts this raw input into a meaningful form), output (transfers the processed info to the people who will use it or to the activities for which it will be used. –Microcomputers: Also called personal computers or PCs, ex. desktops PC, laptop or notebook, tablet) –Midrange systems: Broadest category of comp systems, workstations are more powerful than microcomputer, mini computers are less powerful and less expensive. –Mainframe computer: The heart of the computer systems for most major corp and govern agencies, versatile. –Supercomputers: Serve as number crunchers, handle problems generated by research scientists, high end supercomputers located in govern research laboratories and major universities, fastest super computer incorporates 65,536 processors and can achieve performance of 280.6 teraflops. –Info systems: organizations (how to use info systems to achieve business objectives and support competitive strategies), tech (how to bring cutting-edge tech into info system), management (how to use info sys to manage various business processes such as sales, customer service, supply chain management).

Chapter Two: Global E-Business and Collaboration

-Information systems enhance business processes in two ways: increase the efficiency of existing processes and enables entirely new process. -Transaction processing systems: processes thousands transactions each day, ex. sales, payments received, inventory shipped, typical outputs: invoices, checks, orders, reports, critical to business operations. –Enterprise resource planning systems: collecting data from various key business processes, allowing info to be shared across firm, speeding comm., respond quickly, is a set of integrated business app that carry out common business functions such as general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order management, etc. Differ from earlier approached to developing business applications, the ERP modules are integrated, two giant ERP vendors are SAP and Oracle. Advantages of ERP: improvement of work processes, upgrade of technology infrastructure. –ERP Vendors: SAP, Germany, leading ERP vendor. ORACLE grown by PeopleSoft. The SAGE GROUP is an ERP vendor of UK. MICROSOFT offers the ERP systems. INFOR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, private US comp, provides SSA ERP. –SAP ERP: most popular ERP system used by 30k firms. Consist of 4 primary modules and 2 additional ones, financials, human capital management, operations and corporate services, two additional. End user service delivery, analytics. –Supply chain management systems: help support and manage the links between a comp’s key business processes and those of its suppliers, distributors, customers and business partners, WMS warehouse management systems and TMS transportation...

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