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Information Systems Proposal Essay

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In order for a business to thrive, the business must understand the important of information technology and how information system can get an edge on our competitive environment. Opening of a brick and mortar, nostalgic record store provide a new service for their consumer market. The business success only if the consumer knows there is such services available for them. Information system help bringing the buyer and service provider together. Information system also helps in other factor like financial, accounting, logistics, payroll, and human resources. The table below is a highlight the information system that can be beneficial for the business.
* Type of System | * Function | * Example |
* Accounting Information System | * collection, storage and processing of financial and accounting data | * QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree Complete, NetSuite, CYMA IV |
* Logistic Information system | * supply, shipping and receiving, stocking and storing, warehouse operation, and inventory of all merchandise | * Tool Automatic System (TAS), PC MAX, One-Touch, R-supply, Nalcomis, Snap, Fishbowl, JDL |
* Office Software | * Communication tool such as email, instant message, PA system for warehouse | * Microsoft Office Pro solution, Valcom Pro Business Warehouse |
* Human Resources System | * Hiring, employee information and benefits, employee records and tax record, payroll | * Kronos, ICIMs, Intuit QuickBase * |
* Information system is a broad spectrum of information data base; collective existing data file. What’s data file? Data file is an elementary description of things, events, activities, and transactions that are recorded, classified, and stored but not organized to convey any specific meaning (Rainer, 2011). Data file can be organized into useful information. In our situation, music data base which consisted on licensed and non-licensed of the most popular hit single. There are many type of information that use within a company in support of day to day operation. For example, financial information system provide information about the business progress and competitive, in other word; bottom line, the company revenues.
* Financial information system deal with keeping record of finance data of the business. Financial information system is a computer base within the finance department of the business. The financial information system is vital for protection of business legality and malpractice from outside of the organization. Finance department maintain database of financial document. Accounting information...

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