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Information Systems Essay

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Axia/HCS 483 |
Information System Briefing |

November,2011 |

Information System Briefing
Selecting and acquiring information systems is important to this organization. Information systems are designed based on the organization’s needs, thus simplifying patient needs, departmental, and other information. Information systems should also accommodate other departments as well such as radiology, pharmacy, and other various branches of the hospital. An information system is, of course, an expensive technology but can greatly benefit the hospital. With information systems many systems have to be installed databases, storage, identification, and selection. Once it is up the organization ...view middle of the document...

108). The organization would want to select and obtain DailyMed to see medications along with which drugs are approved by the FDA. The committee can also decide to have electronic prescriptions or keep prescriptions the same.
The committee would have to look, select, and acquire based on communication, standards, and necessity of the organization. The committee will have to look at many different key areas; data recording and retrieval, data movement, creation of evidence-based programs, workflow, decision support, review and sharing with stakeholders, secure web-portals, and many more key elements to any system (Detmer, 2010, p. 110-111). They also need to take into consideration electronic health records and some of the useful tools they can have with it. Electronic health records come with decision support, which helps the doctors take the correct actions. However, it can do more than that by tracking care. It can give doctors information for acutely ill patients so their recurring illness can stay away. Furthermore, it gives the doctors better tools to help patients have better health and lowers costs. The committee also has to keep in mind of what government regulations are. HIPAA requires that the backup of files are located offsite and are required to be encrypted so the committee will have to decide where that should be (Summary of Summary of the HIPAA, no date). Each system is required to have a firewall. Choosing information systems is not just about the hardware it has to be secure also. The committee also has to look at government regulations when planning for information systems.
Organizations Goals
Goals of any organization are important; information systems would provide the organization of keeping in contact with other facilities and resources. One of the most important goals of any organization is improve quality and safety of care (Follen, Castaneda, Mikelson, Johnson, Wilson, and Higuchi, 2007).Keeping in mind, having information systems could minimize medication errors, re-testing, and greater patient safety. Lowering these would result in, fewer malpractice suites and investigations, reducing costs. Information systems could also gain new policies or procedures that need improvement or remove some so misconduct is avoided. Of course it also can be used to stay ahead and compete against other organization.
Stakeholders and Selection Roles
There are many ways to discover how the organization can receive the information they need to select the correct systems and formats for each department. Organizations can ask the staff for his or her input, but that may not work if he or she is not familiar with the system. However, if the...

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