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Information Speech

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Eli Radparvar Information Speech

Attention getter- Morgen Robertson wrote a book called The Wreck of the Titan. It was about an “unsinkable” ship called the Titan that set sail from England to New York with many rich and famous passengers on board. On its trip the Titan hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sunk. Many lives were lost because there were not enough lifeboats. So, what is so strange about this story? Well, The Wreck of the Titan was written 14 years before the Titanic sank.

Thesis- to discuss the lesser known facts about the titanic

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One of which had only 12 people with a capacity of 65.

10-Although it wasn't filled to capacity (3,300 people), more than half of the people died. 2,228 where on board. Of them, 1,523 died and 705 survived. Only 5 were pulled from the water.

Point 2- What happened to the titanic? And was it some ones fault?

On its first voyage it hit an iceberg and it sunk. The largest part of the iceberg was underwater therefore they underestimated its effect .Some of the watertight compartments were punctured and rapidly filled up with water. Musicians played for two hours and five minutes as the ship sank .Tibbals wrote that distress rockets were fired to signal nearby ships for help .however there were no nearby ships close by to arrive in time. They deployed the lifeboats but there was only enough for half the amount of people on board. Women And Children And Dogs First. A little over 2hr later Carpathia answered the titanic stress call to save those floating in the lifeboats. . Charles Joughin, the ship’s baker, reportedly tread water for two hours before being rescued with little ill-effects. He claimed he had not felt the cold due to the amount of whiskey he had drunk.

And was it some ones fault?

David Blair who was 2nd in command was removed from the crew list several days before the ship set sail. He forgot to give the key to Hennery Wilde who would take his position. The Key was to a locker which held the binocular for the lookout named Freedrick Fleet. He could have used...

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