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Information Management Essay

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3. a) What are some ways to obtain the identity of the customer at the POS and to associate this “identity” with more detailed information about the customer? b) What business actions could FastFit then take based upon this additional information?
a. See table:
Ways to Obtain Information Types of Information Obtained

b. Business actions based in information
Obtain Information Business Actions

4. Assume ...view middle of the document...

Information  Decision
Information Drives Which Decision

b. Information  Source
Information Source of Data

c. Why is this a centralized process (list)
i. item 1…
ii. etc…..

Supplier Questions (focus on the FastFit and Supplier process flows, i.e. the back end of the diagram)

5. a) Draw a system diagram that shows the key information and product flows between FastFit (HQ and Warehouse) and a supplier, including the steps for ordering and invoicing and label each flow descriptively. This diagram will have three circles. b) Compare your drawing with the diagram showing the flows between the customer and the store and explain why the former is more complicated.
a. drawing:
b. list (why more complicated):
i. item 1…
ii. etc….

6. Assume that FastFit headquarters receives and pays invoices from suppliers. a) How do they decide whether to pay and how much to pay? b) From where do they get the information to make this decision?
a. list….
i. .
ii. .
iii. .
b. list….
i. .
ii. .
iii. .

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