Information Literacy Essay

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Information Literacy
With information being so readily available at the click of a button, is information literacy a necessary to tool to have and/or succeed? College students have multiple search engines, blogs, and social media sites that they obtain information from on a daily basis. These sites are the go to sites for students when completing academic work. According to Russell (2009), “students easily abandon the system of academic information available through their institution in favor of more intuitive sources like Google Scholar” (p. 92). This paper will analyze the importance of information literacy as it relates to the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Model.
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According to an article by Pia Russell, Why Universities Need Information Literacy Now More than Ever, published 2009, explains why students struggle with information literacy. She states “students lack an understanding of constitutes good-quality scholarly information, students have difficulty in evaluating the glut of information available, and that libraries, publishers and vendors do not always make it easy for users to solve their information needs” (p.92). Most people are not necessarily interested in explanations that lengthy and drawn out. Information that is quickly seen and easy to read tends to favor the average student. It is fair to say that students’ understanding of good-quality information is rather minute because they are attracted to the quick and convenient. We have conditioned ourselves in the quick and easy process of doing things. Take a look your average grocery store with multiple lines, express checking is usually the go to line in order to get in and out with haste. College and Universities are in competition to have a one stop shop process which encourages a swift and easy admissions process. It is not surprising that students are not able to discern quality information from that which is supplied through Wikipedia. We live in a fast, quick, and convenient life, where anything that is prolonged is frowned upon. Information that is easily accessible will keep students attention engaged longer and will allow for more opportunity for students to retrieve information. Russell (2009), argues “that in outlining a sense-making approach in an information context, Gardner positions the concept and methods of information literacy as taxonomy for synthesis” (p.93). Russell believes that students should be exposed to strategies that will increase their knowledge of information literacy by emphasizing synthesis. The article also suggests that information literacy should be a component of instruction in higher education which would be more effective for students.
In comparing the articles mentioned above, they all identify the lack of knowledge that students have as it relates to information literacy. It also examines the trend of new technology that causes student to not look further for valid and high-quality information. It can be agreed upon that based on the information presented in the articles, that information literacy is needed as part of a long-term learning process.
In contrast, each piece of work argued different methods for learning and incorporating information literacy. One researcher favored a synthesis approach, while another favored information literacy programs as a foundation to educational enterprise. While the methods of learning were all different, the consensus was the same.
The Wheel and Axel of Scholarship, Practice and Leadership
Larissa Turusheve (2009), “information competence is one of essential parts of students’ learning process” (p. 131). The Scholarship, Practice,...

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