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Info Society Essay

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Vision Paper
An Innovative Stay In Touch Software


In today’s world, with so much information being constantly updated and peoples desire to access this information where they want to has created a demand for a new visionary technology which is fast, convenient and more important up to date. As the movement away from printed media increase and the explosion of PDA devices into the market, there is potential for a new company to link the media world with wireless technology. A new innovative software allowing users to subscribe to the most up to the minute information in an easy user friendly fashion and directly on a piece of hardware that is essential in everyone’s lives, ...view middle of the document...

By doing this, the comparison of both socio-technical models will show the success of our vision in the world of technology.


Well into the 21st century, with information constantly being updated and corrected more and more people are becoming frustrated over how they receive there information. Currently, there is a strong movement away from printed media because by the time it is printed the information is outdated. Hardcopies of newspapers and magazines are loosing their appeal because users are turning to the internet for the most accurate and undated versions. While the internet maybe the most accurate, it still doesn’t fulfill certain demands of this generation. In today’s world, people are more worried about time and convenience, which is why everyone is on the move. There is not point sitting behind the desktop of your computer to access information when this technology can be incorporated directed on the PDA device you already have. In addition to this example, the SIT software allows users to browse multiple media sources from around the world, allowing readers to fulfill their desire of gathering information from multiple sources to develop their own decisions.


To completely understand the potential of implementing the SIT software for PDA devices is to determine the difference between how this information system is designed and used compared to simply the technology. The technology on its own does not make for a successful information system because it is how the technology is used and manipulated by the users which make it successful. In other words, it is important to make sure that the technology is appropriate for the context in which it is about to be introduce as well as meets the demand and scope of the user. By simply subscribing to a wide variety of media sources, viewers are able to easily browse through their favorite local newspapers, obscure magazines and hot celebrity gossip. In terms of our concept in competition with other similar concepts, we decided to relate our vision to IS by analyzing the inter-related components of each concept in two separate socio-technical models. We decided to make one socio-technical model for Amazon’s Kindle, which represents a similar concept with all of the inter-relate components serving its IS goal and one socio-technical model for our SIT software vision. Successfully showing both models, we are able to show that there is a break in one of the Kindle’s components affecting the information system as a whole.


AT&T is a company that prides itself on raising the bar. It is a company that wants to explore possibilities and be the front runner for cutting edge technology in its field. The SIT software can provide that advantage; however, merely technology alone is not the answer. AT&T could select alternative existing software with which to partner or they could adopt a service like Amazon Kindle, but they do not because of the faults associated...

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