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Info Sec Essay

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Lab 1.2 – Install IIS Web/FTP Service

NAME : Hannah deau Class/Sec : _cis 283_________________________

Perform the following steps to complete the lab. Write down all commands and command options that you used. Be sure to answer all questions and fill in all blanks.

IIS HTTP and FTP Server :

1. Start your Windows 7 laptop and login. Before attempting this lab, be sure to stop the Apache web service. Since the Apache web server also runs on port 80, we cannot run both simultaneously.

2. IIS manager, web (HTTP), and FTP services may already be installed, but the following steps will help verify.

3. Navigate to the Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows ...view middle of the document...

Also let's verify that the FTP server is functioning. In the same web browser type the following address : (note the protocol used) ftp://iistart.htm:80________________________

If you cannot get to your FTP site, it may not be set up. You may also need to use IIS manager and create an FTP site. (Default FTP Site, c:\inetpub\ftproot, no SSL, anonymous, all users read permission)

8. Ensure your neighbor get to your FTP site by opening a web browser and typing in :

9. By default, the web server and ftp server document location is located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot______________ and C:\Inetpub\ftproot________________. Any document placed in there is then available off the network and potentially the Internet if connected properly.

10. Open a web browser and search the Internet for various pictures, images, multimedia, audio files and other various files. Save them to the FTP C:\Inetpub\_____________ folder. Verify that they show up in your FTP web browser window. Can your neighbor download the files you placed in your FTP document root?

11. A better way to test the IIS web server may be to write a new simple web page called iisstart.htm and save it to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot_______________ folder. Rename the original iisstart.htm to iisstart.htm.orig. Open ConText and use the following as an example to create a new simple iisstart.htm web page. Set any appropriate file permissions if necessary. (not XHTML compliant)

Hello, my name is (your...

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