Influences In He Teaching Environment Essay

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Influences in the Teaching Environment
Denise A. Bresee
Grand Canyon University: EDU 450
January 19, 2014

Influences in the Teaching Environment
There are many disruptive behaviors that can create negative classroom conditions, but it is up to the teacher to change that negative behavior to positive and keep it from reoccurring. Teachers need to have many strategies in their arsenal to be equipped and handle anything that happens throughout the day. In this paper the author will discuss 10 disruptive behaviors and different strategies that can be used to help diffuse these behaviors creating a more positive learning environment.
Disruptive Behavior
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If the teacher sees that this behavior is still occurring she can use a particular time in class to have everyone stand up and shake off their sleepiness or use a particular time to go to the bathroom and get a drink to keep things moving during the day to avoid sleepiness. This behavior is calm in comparison because it mainly only effects the sleeping student, but others effect the whole classroom and can be much harder to manage
Shouting Out, Disrespectfulness, and Ignoring Directions
Shouting out in class instead of raising a hand can be a hard habit to break, but when followed by consistent correction it can be eliminated. A teacher should always start the year with a set of classroom rules and consequences for those rules so students know exactly what is expected. One of those rules should be to raise their hand to speak in class. If a student does not raise their hand but shouts out instead, a teacher should look at them and remind them to raise their hand at first, and then call on someone else who has raised their hand. If this behavior persists it is best to speak with the student and remind them of the consequences that will be enforced if this behavior continues. When this has been established the teacher should always be consistent and follow through with those consequences. It is best when the teacher models, and explains why these rules need to be followed and gives the class opportunities when students do not have to raise their hands, such as group projects so they can have open discussion periods. One of the biggest issues in classrooms today, is disrespectfulness. Students are sometimes disrespectful to their teachers, other students, and even administrators. Teachers need to remember that the disrespect is not personal and to not react as such. When a teacher reacts poorly to disrespect by shouting, instead of calmly discussing the matter with the student the control of the classroom shifts from the teacher to the student so it is vitally important the teacher remains calm when dealing with any difficult behavior. A disrespectful student should be spoken to right away and if necessary removed from the situation for a moment until they can calm down. A teacher should always follow their classroom rules when dealing with a disrespectful student and when needed should be allowed to skip a few steps if warranted. Bullying in the classroom should never be tolerated and it is up to the teacher to fit the consequences to the misbehavior. A teacher should always model how to be respectful even in the midst of handling a disrespectful student and understand that each new day starts with a clean slate. If this problem continues the teacher should seek help from coworkers and administrators as well as parents to see if this behavior happens at home and try to understand what triggers the disrespect. Many times parents are having issues at home as well. Suspension should be a last resort because “most of the children...

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