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Influence Of Visual Media On Us As A Society

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Visual entertainment media has shaped American culture in many different ways. It’s given us ideas on how to be social, how things were in the past, economics, the invention of computers, also the invention of cell phones, and even game consoles. These ideas have changed our values and shaped American culture. Reality shows are a big part of American culture they show what our values have become from visual entertainment. Millions of people watch these shows regardless of how simpleminded they are, but in the same sense ...view middle of the document...

Reality shows try showing how people act when they think no one else is around them. When in reality all they are showing, is that it’s alright to be in a culture, of acting horrendously. The invention of the following technological devices such as computers, cell phones, and game consoles, broadened people’s minds to a whole new type of entertainment to add to our culture. These inventions which changed American culture did make our culture rich with information, but in turn it has made people lazy. The more people tend to use these devices, the less they want to do anything else, which makes our values slowly suffer.
The social influences of visual entertainment media are for the most part positive. There are some negatives, but I do not believe that they outweigh the positives of visual entertainment media. Depending on the visual entertainment it could negatively influence society. I would hope that society would not let visual media or any other media source have a negative influence on their values, but rather focus on the positive side of visual media.
Visual media reflects and influences social behavior and attitudes by the many forms of visual entertainment media.

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