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Influence Of Entertainment Media Paper

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Effects of mass media
Donald Mabesoone
January 26, 2016
University Of Phoenix

Effects of mass media
In todays’ society the first thing people do when they wake up is to check their cell phones and other technologies. (I.E. IPad, tablets, lab tops) Throughout history the media has taken a hold over the everyday lives of people, society seeks answers through the media to assist in developing our own opinions which could affect us as a society and as individuals Society today uses the media to decide their political and economic views or even to plan a simple trip. Over the turn of the century the media has a multitude of developments which has and will continue to have an ...view middle of the document...

In the 1900s newspapers were the primary source for obtaining news, in 1940 a new era had started with the radio communications and this was the start of a new way to find out news and a way to entertain ourselves. Even though newspapers were still reporting what was going on during the war the radio became an easier way to obtain the news. Television finally came to America in the late 1940s; television gave us a mixture of newspaper news and radio news combined. In the 1950s and 1960 society had the development of two major media devices still in use today one being the computer and the second is the internet, from past, present, and future technology is broadening, society depends on these tools not only for the news but for other purposes such as work, education and family entertainment and I hate to say it criminal acts.
My question is this how would society be if we did not have all of these advancements in technology? How would one get their news? How would children learn, how would teachers teach?

How have these developments influenced American Culture?
Technological developments have influenced American culture in multitude of ways. People became more independent when print arrived. They did not have to rely on preachers, teachers or storytellers. They were allowed to read and interpret what was published in their own way. An industrial revolution evolved when machine printing was invented allowing publishers to publish a bunch of books ("Effects Of Mass Media On American Culture", 2014). The average middle class...

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