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Chapter 1

Overview of Organization

The Logistics Squadron is a consolidated logistics squadron providing supply, vehicle and readiness support to the Wing, tenant units and agencies. The guiding principles utilized in the performance of the organization are as follows;
a. Mission Statement: A military organization dedicated to providing logistical support to our Joint Service Community.
b. Vision Statement: Provide quality service to our customers in support of their missions.
c. Values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Excellence.

The squadron provides direction and management of base logistics ...view middle of the document...

The current commander assumed his position in the last seven months. His previous assignment was on a training site with less than 100 full and part time personnel. There are over a 150 personnel in the current squadron in which he has command. The unit was prevented from growth due to the many changes in leadership and is now faced with an inexperienced leader. Currently, he is removing all of the experienced first and second level supervisors, causing personal and financial hardships on individuals and fear among the troops relating to job security. There has been no communication of his vision or future goals.
Using the Text book topic, “Managerial Skills and Competencies”, I would like to direct my paper on, How the commander’s leadership style affects performance, satisfaction and trust within the unit? “Robert Katz divides the essential managerial skills into three categories – technical, human and conceptual.” I will focus on the human and conceptual skills as I pursue researching the above stated question. Conceptual Skills are the skills leaders must have to think and to visualize theoretical and difficult situations. Using these skills, leaders must be able to see the organization as a whole, understand the relationships among various units, and picture how the organization fits into its broader environment. Conceptual Skills give a leader the ability to look at a situation and figure a way to break it down into manageable pieces. One of the commander’s responsibilities is to take a task and information, sort it out in an organized fashion and effectively communicate that process to his subordinates.

Chapter 2

The Problem
As an inexperienced leader lacking conceptual skills this commander is unable to analyze situations and problem solve. In a short amount of command time and with no command experience his actions have alienated the entire unit. “Commanders must foster a strong sense of duty and service. They must create a vision, and motivate and install pride in team performance.” (Gen John Michael Loh). With no real plan, the personnel spend their time looking over their shoulder unable to focus on the task at hand. "Often leaders, especially inexperienced ones, mistakenly believe that a new broom must sweep clean, that new directions and initiatives are necessary, that tyranny is a substitute for teaching and leading. Most units do not need a new agenda; they require catalysts for excellence with current and evolving goals; and they need teachers who really care for people." This Commander has not thought about the impact of his actions on the remaining unit members and certainly not on how to replace the experience he let go and prepare the unit for an Operational Readiness Inspection in the near future.
This problem affects the overall morale and effectiveness of the unit. This commander has created an atmosphere of distrust. “Leadership is the ability to recognize the special abilities and...

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