Industrialization After The Civil War Essay

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Industrialization after the Civil War

Industrialization after the Civil War
This paper discusses the effects the Industrial Revolution had on the economy, politics, and society. Also this paper will talk about five different groups affected by the Revolution. In addition, this paper reviews the effects the Industrial Revolution had on the average working American. The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to America as a whole; it seems as though no stone was left unturned. The Revolution affected everything in its path, including government, people, and way of life in general.
Three Aspects of the Industrial Revolution
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Helping big businesses was far more lucrative for the politicians than helping poor people. Also, Politicians began to get a bad reputation. This reputation came from them helping their friends, giving contracts to people who supported them politically, and also from accepting bribes (Shultz, 2014).
Groups of the Industrial Revolution
Immigrants, women, and farmers were all groups of people who were affected by the Industrial Revolution. Immigrants were taking lower wages for jobs, that American workers were being paid more for, but still were discriminated against. Also, Immigrants such as the Chinese were taxed to mine for gold during the Gold Rush. This tax was specifically for “foreign miners” (Shultz, 2014). In order to do something to restrict Chinese immigration the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed. This Act prevented the Chinese to immigrate for 10 years; for those already here, they could not become citizens (Shultz, 2014).
Before the Civil war women did not hold jobs. They were the caretakers of the home, but after the Civil War many women began to work in Factories and accept lower pay (Shultz, 2014). Also after the Civil War Women fought to women’s rights after the Fourteenth Amendment included the word “male” into the constitution for the first time (Shultz, 2014). By fighting for Women’s rights, women were able to obtain the right to vote, which had been long denied to them. Without the industrial revolution, women may have never sought employment, and fought for the rights to vote.
* Farmers were highly affected by industrialization because American went from being an Agricultural country, where the economy mostly thrived from farming, to being industrial (Shultz, 2014). With the end of Civil War and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution there also came an end to the use of slaves, therefore the farmers, they had to work the land.
Effects of the Industrial Revolution upon the American Worker
Working Conditions were one way that the average working American...

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