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Industrial Revolution Essay

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Looking Back at the Industrial Revolution
AnnLouise Fuller
Argosy University
SCI 201 – Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
Module 1, Assignment 3
Instructor Tamara Allen
February 13, 2016

Look Back at the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is a very broad subject. The industrialization of society was a process that took place over several years. The revolution started in the mid-1700s, and the impact is still visible in the 20th century. The Industrial Revolution defined in our textbook, Essential environment: The science behind the stories (3rd edition), is, "The shift in the mid-1700s from rural life, animal-powered agriculture, and manufacturing by ...view middle of the document...

With the resource depleting now-a-days, it makes you wonder how it started. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, MHI, addresses the question in their online article titled, "Why did fossil fuel become so popular". They say, "During the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels seemed to be the ideal energy source. Steam locomotives, the quintessential machines of the Industrial Revolution, used coal as a fuel source from early on to compensate for a lack of firewood and charcoal" (MHI, n.d.). During the time it was easily collected, and it could be used in its natural form.
"Human population growth is indelibly tied together with increased use of natural and man-made resources, energy, land for growing food and for living, and waste by-products that are disposed of, to decompose, pollute or be recycled" (McLamb, 2011). Many during the time theorized that the growth in population was not a good thing. The Essential environment: The science behind the stories (3rd edition) mentions a British economist named Thomas Malthus and his claims that laws needed to be put in place regarding the population. Our text states, "Malthus’s most influential work, An Essay on the Principle of Population, published in 1798, argued that if limits on births (such as abstinence and contraception) were not implemented, deaths would increase through famine, plague, and war" (Withgott & Brennan, 2009). Our text states, "At the outset of the industrial revolution in England, population growth was regarded as a good thing. For parents, high birth rates meant more children to support them in old age. For society, it meant a greater pool of labor for factory work" (Withgott & Brennan, 2009). Due to the changes in sanitation, medicine, and homes the population flourished. Biologist Paul Ehrlich published a book in 1968 titled, The Population Bomb. "Ehrlich predicted that rapid population growth would unleash famine and conflict that would consume civilization by the end of the 20th century" (Withgott & Brennan, 2009). McLamb states, "During the 20th century, the world population would take on exponential proportions, growing to six billion people just before the start of the 21stcentury. That’s a 400 percent population increase in a single century" (McLamb, 2011).
"The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles" (McLamb, 2011). For some, their way of life was completely turned upside-down. I found an interactive textbook on the web titled, Modern World History. The site has a section on the effects of the Industrial Revolution regarding several different aspects. The Modern World History texts states, "Skilled weavers, for example, lived well in pre-industrial society as a kind of middle class. They tended their own gardens, worked on textiles in their homes or small shops, and raised farm animals. They were their own bosses." (Modern World History, n.d.). After the Industrial Revolution living conditions for skilled weavers...

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