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Individuality Essay

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Parents tell it to their kids and teachers tell it to their students: “Be yourself.” It’s easier to say it than to do it. Being an individual is more than just looking different; it’s in the way we talk, think, react, and the way we listen. It doesn’t mean following a crowd of rebels because they’re not mainstream. That would just lead to another crowd that has the same scheme. Individuality is the most powerful form of expression. It all starts with your name, better known as “the real first impression.”
For a long time, I really hated my own name, first and last. I didn’t know if I was named after someone, or if these names actually had a past. If it was actually a name, I wanted to know what it meant. One question I had was, “is my name English, or should I say it with ...view middle of the document...

I always thought glasses were made for people who couldn’t really see. To keep with the passing trends, a mind needed incredible speed. A shoe that was a small want a week ago becomes an outfit of great need. The result of the latest clothes and slang weren’t for personal feeling; it was only for the photographer. I set my own trend by not following theirs. That might be the reason I wasn’t exactly “popular.” Ask me if I got the new anything, and from me you’ll hear “no.” my lack of need and greed helps me plant my own seed and watch it grow. I still needed to stand out, though, past the visual. Expression of a talent would make me an individual.
I always had a knack for differently saying what needed to be said. My father was a singer back home but having my brother put that to bed. I know it’s weird to think that I like performing, since I’m so quiet. It would become something I love, so I might as well try it. It started with a ballpoint pen and a blank page. Writing down my feelings, from what gave me joy to what instilled rage. Getting my point across so abstractly, that if you asked yourself, “who does he sound like?” the answer would be, “exactly.” Eventually, I found five others, and together, we formed a team. We saw ourselves making it, so I can never call this a dream.
Individuality is defined as the particular qualities that distinguish one person from the others. I’m the unique one in my family, so my parents stopped comparing me to my brother. From my name to my passion, I still haven’t met another person like me. If you enjoy being who you are, I would hope that you’d agree. Individuality is what I believe during my time. That’s why I made it an effort to make this essay rhyme. You may see a quiet kid, and that’s how I may appear. But I have something to say, and I think I made that clear.

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