Individual Reflection On Team Experience Essay

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Introduction: Individual Reflection on Team Experience
Today in many industries and organizations group/team work is a tool for effective achievement of organizational goals. Understanding the way groups develop and how they impact organizational success is important to the effective use of groups in organizations. One of the most common models to describe how groups develop was described by Tuckman. Tuckman studied group development as it was seen in group therapy. This was then extrapolated to involve the development of all groups and teams that exist in areas such as those seen in organizations. In 1966, Tucker proposed that group development progressed through four identifiable stages ...view middle of the document...

All formal positioning is set out from the onset, the group reaches equilibrium, and time drives the group to accomplishing the task at hand until the group formally becomes extinct (Hall, 2007). The phase 1 of PE parallels the Tuckman’s forming, storming and norming stages where norming is the midpoint or transition point. Phase 2 correlates with the performing stage of the group development (Furst, Reeves, Rosen & Blackburn, 2004).
In this management class we were placed into groups to write a term paper. The teams were chosen by the professor and we were given a list of topics to choose from for the term paper. It just so happens that my team, Group 1, chose to do our term paper on the stages of group development. This paper will review my experience with being in a group and the team experience. I will discuss the group dynamics how it began and developed over the semester. Next I will review how my particular group’s structure evolved and transformed at times during the 2 month course and show how that structure impacted the performance of the team. As with many groups there exists intra and intergroup conflict and this will be reviewed and evaluated as to how it impacted the team cohesiveness and performance. The techniques or not used will be reviewed and compared to what we learned in our course. Finally, the summary where I will summarize the forming, development and performance of the group as it evolved over the semester. Each section presented above will also evaluate the research to see how
Evolution of the Group/Team Over the Term
The evolution of group 1 was fast and arduous at best but we evolved in such a manner as to accomplish the goal set for us. Certain aspects of the team made it difficult for the team to evolve and grow. First we had a short time to convene, develop a team structure, develop team roles, coordinate tasks and deliver a finished project. Second we were a team with what appears to be very dissimilar backgrounds which only to be expected in a classroom setting with a limited amount of people in the pool to make teams. Finally, we were a virtual team which made communication and coordination of activities like editing confusing and time consuming.
The evolution of a team depends on many factors and how the team or group evolves affects their performance. Factors that can affect the evolution and performance of a team include team composition, the context the team operates under, diversity and the tasks for the team (Hall, 2007). As stated by Hall (2007)
“Indeed, it may be the team’s ability to develop and learn may be the most critical for high performance. This claim may be particularly true for fast paced environments where teams, especially cross functional teams, often have short life spans” (pg. 42.).
I think this particularly true for the groups in this class. Because we not only had to learn about the concepts in class but we had to develop a team and produce a term paper in less...

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