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Individual Project Essay

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Misdemeanors are going to deal with fewer crimes. A few examples are minor thefts, certain traffic offenses (like DUI or driving on a suspended license), and many minor drug offenses. Dealing with misdemeanors you will either be hit with a fine or jail time that is usually less than a year. In addition, dealing with misdemeanors depending on the charges if you have multiple charges they can be structured to run consecutively (rather than concurrently) meaning that when one sentence ends the next one begins. In that way, multiple misdemeanor charges can equate to years in jail.
With the jail term, you may receive from the misdemeanor it will either ...view middle of the document...

Felonies are definitely the most serious types of crimes these types of crimes will definitely land you in prison for either years or life. Examples of felonies include murder, aggravated or grand theft, rape, etc. If convicted of a felony, an inmate will most likely serve their sentence in a state or federal correctional institution, more commonly referred to as a prison or penitentiary. Often, inmates may be transferred from one prison to another to accommodate the needs of the correctional system in which they are serving their time, so they may spend time far from home.
Conviction of a felony brings with it more disadvantages than just higher fines and longer jail time. In some states, persons convicted of felonies cannot serve on juries, purchase, or possess firearms and may not be employed in certain professions, such as law, teaching, or the military.
With a misdemeanor, you are likely to receive a fine or serve less than a year in and with a felony; there are the serious crimes like rape and murder these come with longer jail time. Ms. Singh has nothing to worry about since what she did is a misdemeanor she will likely be charged with a fine or less than a year in jail depending on what the court decides to do. Also, if she is given jail time she will most likely serve her time in a local or county jail.

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