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Individual Policing Functions Paper

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Individual Policing Functions Paper
Monica Robinson
University of Phoenix

Individual Policing Functions Paper

Policing has come a long way from the way it was decades ago. It has changed for the better even through there is still some room for more improvement. In policing today there are more officers, detectives, and other officials accounted for then there was in the past. Having all of these individuals within the criminal system, it has shape the government to provide better protection for its people. In policing in past and now in the present there are many different perspectives of policing functions. These functions stem from different levels of law ...view middle of the document...

To ensure residents in their community, officers will ensure that they are safe by communication. Back in time officers were not to friendly with the residents they came in contact with, but that has also changed because law enforcement need residential help.
Officers that work within the state level also have different functions that they must fulfill while working under the state level. State police will sometimes work with the local police officers, if need be. The state officer’s main function within the criminal justice system is ensuring that the main state highways and any rural areas within the particular state are safe. State officers are also in charge of inspecting suspicious vehicles.
Under the federal government there are different agencies that have different functions. There are three popular organizations that are within the federal government in which they are Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), The United States Marshal Service, and the United States Border Patrol, in which all three organizations have different functions that must be completed correctly. The functions of the FBI are responsible for major criminal investigation such as major drug organization, and any other high profile crimes. The United States Marshal Service function is to apprehend suspects that may be on the run because of their high profile case. The Us Marshal must also transport criminals/prisoners from state to state if needed. In addition the United States Border Patrol function is to ensure that even individual that enters or exist the United States have the proper documents in order to re-gain entrance into the United States. The Border Patrol also will have the right to check for any illegal good or drugs that individuals might try to smuggle into the United States. All there organizations work hand in hand in order to protect the citizens of the county and the county as a whole.
All three level of the criminal justice system have many different functions within each level organizations, but they all serve for the same purpose in which is to protect citizens from illegal acts, and to ensure that the United States is free from different attacks.
The levels of the criminal justice system have faced many changes in the past...

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