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Indian Auto Component Supply Chain At The Crossroads

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Balakrishnan, K., Seshadri, S., Sheopuri, A., & Iyer, A. (2007). Indian auto-component supply chain at the crossroads. Interfaces, 37(4), 310-323.

Brief Overview
In this article Balakrishnan, Seshadri & Sheopuri attempted to trace the evolution of the auto-component supply chain in India. This paper examines the determinants of competitiveness for Indian automotive component manufacturing industry, in special context to its supply chain performance ...view middle of the document...

The objective of this study was to analyze the key challenges facing different sections of the Indian auto industry. They tried to identify areas which need significant attention, and identify opportunities for service providers, who could assist auto players in meeting some of these challenges. This report contains the result of a deep financial analysis to
trace whether the quality and productivity gains have translated into an increase in profitability.

The title of the article made sense considering what the researchers in this study sought to accomplish. The authors here examine the extent to which Chinese and Indian auto- component producers have advanced towards international best practice levels of productivity and quality.
The research questions addressed by this study were: To what extent are these processes now occurring in China and India? How big a part are multinational joint ventures playing in each country’s exports of components? How close have domestic component suppliers moved to international best practice levels of productivity and quality? How deeply has this process penetrated the local supply chain?
These are the issues authors explored in this study.

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